Sunday, May 7

Kolob Canyon

We often drive I 15 in southern Utah and pass this lovely mountain.
Noticing an obscure sign along side of the road that says 
'Kolob Canyon' on one such journey, we decided to explore.

As soon as we were off the freeway, it became obvious 
we had passed a jewel many times without ever knowing 
what was on the other side of that mountain. 

The green of Spring was coming alive in these hills,
but still unable to obscure the red of the massive stone.

Just being next to the huge rocks made me feel so small...

and yet, 
delighted that God would give me the opportunity 
to see His stunning handiwork up close.

I often see His masterful touch in a delicate flower
and marvel over His love for color and finesse;
but I see no less power or greatness 
of His Mighty hand in the massive rocks .

Parts of our little journey gave sweeping view of the valleys around.

Some views reminded us that winter had not lost
its final grip in the high elevations.

Several walking paths gave us a ground-level view of the details we missed 
every time we just drove right on by this lovely canyon.


They don't call this the High Desert for nothing!

We learned that this is the upper region of
Zion National Park, a place we have yet to explore.

More paths led to more exploring. 

The Canyon was named Kolob by Mormons who believe 
Kolob is a star closest to the planet where God resides.

I am grateful I personally know the One who made these rocks.
I speak with assurity that God resides within my heart, 
and not on some distant planet.

 If these rocks could speak, they surely would have a story to tell.

If they could speak, would they tell of the wild winters that sweep their faces each year?
Would they tell of the silent nights underneath God's marvelous array of starry host?
Would they tell of the countless people who walk at their bases and marvel at their size? 

Or would they just be content to let us look at their craggy faces in silent witness of the Almighty One who made heaven and earth?

The contrast between the tiny buds, shooting forth in new life
with the greatness of the red, aged rocks around me
left me in awe of the One who made me.

Of the One who paints the bluest blues in the sky;

of the One who surrounds me with His care;

of the One who said,
For who in the heaven can be compared unto the LORD? who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the LORD? 
 Psalm 89:6 


  1. Magnificent views!!! You know what I wish I had? A book of your photographs of God's creations! Now that would be a treasure to enjoy this side of heaven!

    1. You are too sweet! Would you like floral, animals, scenic, or a mix?

  2. What a blessing to read on your blog this morning! Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures and spiritually inspiring text. You are a blessing to me!