Thursday, February 4

Treasures of the Snow


My world has been draped with more layers of snow-
this time with a stiff wind that seemed to dress 
only one side of most things it touched.

I ventured out after the wind had ceased to capture the glory of the ice crystals.

It wasn't a long journey;
quiet and still but full of treasures.

I was not the first to be out and about.
I think the little creatures had trekked down to the swamp 
after the cold night to search for water.

But, alas, what little water remains has turned into frozen art.

A few hearty cattails on the edge of the old swamp
are still whole, not wanting to give up 
the treasure of their warm down.

From their roots all the way to their tops, they have so many uses;
I simply enjoyed their beauty in the frosty chill.

Every tree, whether robust or spindly
had been decorated with the blowing white crystals.

Three old friends had stuck it out together
as the wind waged one more attempt to loose their grip
from the frozen branches.

Even the bare bushes collected the snow flakes like cotton balls.

Musk Thistles that showed off royal purple cloaks last summer
were now sporting woolen hats, fit for a queen.

 Even the simple dried grass 
bowed their heads in awe of the One who dressed them with beauty. 

I'll stay inside the rest of the day,
close to a cup of hot tea,
but I can not forget the Mighty God
who made treasures of the snow.


  1. Sharon, what beautiful words and photos--every one a treasure! I especially love the cattails with the mountains in the background.

    1. Thank you, Don! We are enjoying having a different view of God's amazing creation.