Monday, July 27

Dressed for Glory


God dresses the lilies- 
a flower that does not work for its existence,
nor does it make its own clothing.

This gorgeous array- for less than forty-eight hours.

Dressed for our enjoyment
and for the glory of the Almighty King!

Why then, should I worry over what I will wear today?

The fashion designer of the lilies
knows how (and will) provide for me this day!

Matthew 6:25-34


  1. So true! I need to remember that when I look into my closet.

  2. I recently had the privilege of attending a one-day conference put on by a ministry called "The Voice of the Martyrs." I heard the testimonies of two of my brothers in the Lord, from Syria and from India. Both have endured great persecution for their faith. A young lady from China shared her testimony of how God sustained her during torture and 6 years of imprisonment for her faith. Then Gracia Burnham, who was held captive by terrorists in the Philippine jungles for over a year shared her story. One helpful idea she shared was a prayer reminder. Gracia suggested that when we go to our closets and choose our clothing to wear each day, we look at the tag and take note of where each garment was made. Then, PRAY for the people of that nation, especially for our persecuted brothers and sisters, the churches, the pastors, etc.

    1. Thank you for passing on a good suggestion from Gracia. A true blessing to remember our brothers and sisters who share our faith but not our freedom.