Friday, April 10

Reflecting Truth

"Let the field be joyful,
and all therein;
then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice."
Psalm 96:12

Last week, a itty-bitty tree was planted in front of our home.  
It was little more than a bare twig.

Soon, it appeared that it had tiny red berries on it.
but with the warmth of the Spring sun
we quickly saw that it was not berries,

but rather, redish-pink buds.

As the buds began to pop open in wild array, 
I learned that this tree had a name-
Prairie Fire Crabapple.

Soon purplish-maroon leaves appeared,
followed by green leaves, that will then change to red.

It will bear red berries for the birds to feast on
and then in the Fall, give a show of orange and purple leaves.

Though I have never before seen this tree, I already anticipate great joy
in seeing the color show of the crabapple, 
as well as watching for the birds to gather dinner from its branches.

How delightful to see a tree, small in stature, destined to grow
tall and strong while reflecting the glory of the One who made it.

May I be faithful, to grow in knowledge and wisdom of my Maker,
all the while showing His passion for the lost.

May I stand strong and reflect the colors of the truth
in every season.

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  1. Pretty! How special to have this tiny, but gorgeous, little tree right at your doorstep!