Friday, April 17


I am adjusting to living in a place
that has four distinct seasons;
a place that has more than just summer, year-round.

Seeing Spring arrive with the bursting of blooms
is sheer delight, reminding me that there are more colors
 on God's palette than beautiful green.

But what a difference one day can make!

A late snow storm came and covered the Prairie Fire Crabapple tree,
making its hot pink flowers glisten with the white crystals 
that landed in every nook and cranny of the young tree.

Even the young bush sheltering below the little tree
collected delicate snowflakes in its upturned leaves.

The day previous,
both tree and bush waged a battle with the fierce wind
that bent and bowed the plants until I thought they would snap.

They both survived however, ready to stand tall
in their daily display of the marvelous Hand of their Creator,
giving an answer to any who look upon them.

 Their delicate petals did suffer
but their woody frame was strengthened for future trials.

I was left with the life-lesson, penned in I Peter 
exhorting me to choose happiness in suffering 
if it is because I am righteous, 
"For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, 
and His ears are open unto their prayers"

Can I be ready always
to give and answer to every man 
that asks me to give them a reason for the hope that lies within me?

It is God's way for me today
and be ready to do it again tomorrow,
even if a storm threatens to bow me low.

I Peter 3:12-16

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  1. It is soo hard to embrace suffering, but that is the way of the Master, and it yields beautiful fruit for His service.