Sunday, February 1

I Know

I watched the blackbirds take their place 
all in a row on the wire above.

Do they know they are sitting in the shadow of a
magnificent mountain created 
by the same amazing God that made them?
Do they see the snow that covers the peaks
and understand God uses it to bring them water?

I cannot tell you what a bird knows,
but I can tell you what I know:

"Know therefore this day,
and consider it in thine heart,
that the LORD he is God in heaven above,
and upon the earth beneath:
there is none else."
Deut. 4:39


  1. What a blessing to know without a shadow of a doubt that the same powerful Creator that made the majestic mountain ranges also created each little bird and cares for them and sees when one falls. That amazing God is our Creator and cares for us as well. He sees when we are weary or down. He knows our every need and meets them even before we ask Him!

  2. A great reminder of our Father's care!