Wednesday, September 17

A Reason to Sing

Recently, on an evening walk with a loved one
I took in all that God had surrounded us with in the cool of the day.

We spied lovely flowers, some of which I could not name,
but glad that He knows mine.

Some gave off rich fragrances

as I neared their passionate and subtle colors.


And who could pass such wonder
without reflecting on the Creator,
Who loves me more than these?

I watched a squirrel thieve food from the birds' table
and wondered what it would have been like
 to have walked with God
in the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day.

Here, I do not see Him face to face
but fellowship with Him in spirit and in truth-
but looking for the day 
when I may kneel and touch those dear, wounded feet.

And that
will be something to sing about!