Saturday, June 21

Welcome Summer!

The heat of the new season has found our spot on the globe 
and the lilies spread their arms to summer in a wide welcome.

Ladybugs crawl to the nearest shade 
with remnants of the morning dew catching a ride on its back.

While the tiny flowers midst the grass
grow brown in the afternoon heat

the bees faithfully carry out their 
God-given purpose between the swaying Lavender,

 and the goats take an afternoon siesta in some shade.

The watermelon doesn't fuss about the heat,
though many of them seem to be growing 
under cover of the nearest set of shade-giving leaves. 

 I think it is time to catch a little reprieve from the heat myself...

would you care to join me for some ice cream?


  1. Yes! I'd love to sit in the shade and savor some sweet ice cream with you!

  2. Beautiful, and your words are as delicious as the ice cream! Pass the spoon, please.