Tuesday, May 13

No Ordinary God

I spied a little rose
With its arms unfurled,
Such graceful petals
With velvet, curled.

Such a humble start-
At least it seems that way,
All tucked inside
At the start of day.

But with the gentle rain
And sun to warm its frame,
Soon the glory bounds
And colors all aflame.

And then I know 'tis true,
This Creator God
Is like no other
In heaven or on sod.

For who can make a rose
And its glory laud,
Except the Mighty One.
No ordinary God!


  1. I love these rose photos! I can almost smell the lovely fragrance when I look closely! Did you write the God-glorifying poem, Sharon? Are these rose bushes your mother's?

    1. These roses are here at the home where we are staying. It rained a bit one day and I dashed out to see if I could get some pics with water on the petals. I heard a cardinal nearby and waited and waited... and finally got a peek at her before she flitted away.
      Yes, I did write the poem. I am glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to share it with others if you wish, you have my permission.

    2. Thank you, Sharon! I have printed a copy of your poem for myself, and as I feel led I plan to share it with others.

  2. Yes, such a lovely poem that goes with the photos of which I hadn't read before talking with you tonight. Very nice. You are a women of many talents! :)

  3. Love your poem, Sharon! It's perfect with those beautiful photos.