Monday, July 1

Freedom Tower

Built in 1924, this building served other purposes before becoming the place now known as Freedom Tower to thousands of Cubans who fled their country in the 1960's and 70's.

Considered the 'Ellis Island of the South', it was the first place more than a half-million Cubans refugees came to when they reached Miami after fleeing Castro and their homeland.

Here, Cubans were met with assistance in identification cards, 
medical and dental examinations, financial help, and help locating relatives 
who were already in our Land of the Free.

Some came to America by boat, others via the Freedom Flights, but regardless of the mode of arriving in the United States, the Freedom Tower is a symbol of their new beginning of freedom.

Every story we hear from the lips of Cuban refugees is slightly different, 
but each is very emotional and a powerful  reminder how blessed we are to be free.

May God bless our Land!

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